Monday, November 2, 2009

fell back

I enjoy the time change. It is much more pleasant to get up in the morning when the sun is also rising. I hate not posting with pics, but i'm just running off to bed to read Kathy Reich. Tune in tomorrow for the pictorial version. Just a quick note on things:

We had a nice halloween. I was a witch. I'm always a witch. The kids were Death. They're always Death. I don't know why i'm not more creative with Halloween costumes. But i sure do enjoy other people's costumes when they come up with clever ideas.

the weather is great! We've had enough frost that the marigolds and zinnia's have bitten it, but i harvested a big bunch of cilantro today and the mums still look good. The gourd vines have dried up and i see that i have fewer gourds than i thought. Aw. But there's a lovely big kettle/cannonball one.

With the nice weather, i've been able to spend time in my unheated workshop and i'll have some beads ready to list in a couple of days. I've got two sets of silver foil beads, and a princess bone beads order tentatively coming in. I may wait to run the kiln for annealing just one time. (I don't have a programmable kiln so i have to babysit it and it's easy to forget about it and before you know it it's 1200F and your beads are all melted. No, it's never actually gotten that bad, but it could! :-)

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