Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Too many web id's

I think there is actually a point where you can have too many website ID's, and i think i just maxed out. I can sit here at the keyboard and go out of focus for a while trying to keep straight which account i'm in on what website in which window... But, I'm plugged in, right!? I don't have time to watch TV anymore, and that couldn't be entirely bad, could it? (I saw today that a study showed that the average American watches almost 5 hours of TV per day. And they made it sound like a bad thing. Hey, wait a minute, i think i saw it on TV...) One big difference is that my screen of choice has what i want on it, in fact i'm directing most of it.

The dedicated BirthBones shop is shaping up and i will be adding my own astrological interpretations of your dog's personality based on his/her month of birth. And then,... THEN i will announce the Grand Opening.

I have been working on a neat bead commission and will show the set next post. In the meanwhile, here is my much-talked-about cat, Archie. His 2 month old neck wound is almost healed, but not enough to leave bare to the elements just yet. He's quite used to, but sick of, wearing these bandages. Fortunately, he looks quite dashing in a turtleneck.

1 comment:

  1. Archie looks pretty ecclesiastical to me. I think we'd better refer to him as Father Archie from now on. :)

    Betty W.