Friday, September 18, 2009

The Vacant Chair

I'm working on various bone bead projects and an X Fish commission. I had an early supper since i missed lunch and my husband and the kids are all doing their own things, whether it's football games or skateparks, so i decided to step out for a bit before it got dark. Since it has been raining with fair regularity i haven't had to tend the gardens much. I needed to check and see if they were still there. And there it was: a chair in the middle of a beautifully lush and colorful garden corner...with no one using it. This part of my yard hasn't looked this good all year, and there it was all by itself with not a soul enjoying it. So i did some deadheading, took a picture and came right back inside to post about how sad it is that i don't take the time to sit in my garden. How's that for numbskull? But i did make myself a promise: since tomorrow is Saturday and the morning will be liesurely, i'll take my coffee out there, sit in that chair, turn it 45 degrees every few sips, and enjoy every viewpoint.

I love zinnias, and the big ones are fantastic, raggedy, orangy pinks. The hard shelled gourds are putting on a late growth spurt and and have gotten so dense that i'm going to have to wait for the fall die-back to see all the gourds. Although i planted seeds from about 10 different shaped gourds, i've seen only bottles, kettles, and stumpy dippers. Oh and my mini bottle gourds are doing really well, which is fantastic, because i like to make snowman ornaments for Christmas.

That was my garden interlude. Now out to the workshop to make some glass fishies. :-)

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