Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pink Chihuahuas

Welcome to my momentary art gallery!

Today's exhibition of fine art features the work of etsy artist crookedhue. Come in. Walk around. Take your time and enjoy.

As a special bonus today the artist has joined us! She has set her shed up in the back there where she's working on another piece. She may poke her head out now and then for a good natured gloat at her own work. But she's fairly harmless otherwise. And you will probably hear an occassional chuckle or guffaw. I guarantee you she lol'd aplenty when she was working on the chihuahua painting! I certainly did the first time i saw it (which is why i sought her permission to show her art here). Sure Cyclops has a pathetic combover, but look at the sweet sincerity in his eye. I like Man Painting because that's how my father paints. There is something so positive about a Penguin Enthusiast and there is nothing truer than this pink Chi! Visit crookedhue's etsy shop for more of her original paintings.

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