Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Confessions of a Guppy Nerd

I wish these beads didn't take so long to make because they look sooooo cool! But i don't have as much patience as i should have. I mean, it's good to take the time and make something special, right? But when you constantly have the feeling that there aren't enough minutes in the day, you tend to want to wrap things up quickly. Fast art for the convenience junky. But my X Fish take time and i almost always feel that was twenty minutes well spent.

I was an odd teenager. One demonstration of this was my guppy breeding experiment. One year my room was filled with about 60 jars and tubs with breeding pairs of guppies and the offspring of various pairings. I kept detailed notes and made full colour illustrations of all my subjects in this breeding operation. I can't remember what characteristic i was trying to promote, maybe big red dorsal fins or something. When i have a group of X Fish sitting on the kitchen counter, i am reminded of those good old days of abundant fishies, and i am happy.

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