Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Sometime at the end of this month or the beginning of October, i will be putting a number of lots of my bone beads in my etsy shop at nice prices. Date to be announced.

I think these bone beads are really great. For the past two months i've been wearing a bracelet made from etched black ones and warm grey/brown pearls, in tandem with a simple string of small black beads. The black bones are simple, yet interesting, and the etched finish gives them textural interest and lets the glow of the pearls balance the ensemble. Ha!

You beaders might think that i should have tons of jewelry since i make tons of beads. But not so. I find making jewelry to be really frustrating because i get so caught up in design and i don't seem to have the eye or knowledge to get really pleasing results. I have made a couple of nice things, and i usually give those pieces to family members. Earings are easy to make, but i don't have pierced ears! And i don't find wear necklaces. That leaves bracelets, of which i have ten or twelve, but most of them i've only worn maybe once because they just weren't me. I guess i'm just not much of a walking jewelry manequin.

But i've got too many bones, and they've got to find new homes! Maybe someone out there has a plan for Halloween jewelry.

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  1. Dear Lisa: I would be happy to give the bones a home, if you would like to donate some to our non-profit organization, the Foundation for Education and Musculoskeletal Research (FEMR). Our organization provides community programs on the prevention of fragility fractures and osteoporosis awareness. I love promoting healthy bones, and your bone jewelry would be a terrific raffle prize for our upcoming fundraiser on October 30 in downtown Chicago (see details at www.boneknowledge.org)Let me know if you would be interested in making a tax-deductible donation of your bone jewelry for a very excellent cause. Thank you so much!