Monday, March 9, 2009

Simple Beaded Zipper Pull How-to

There are many clip options available for use in zipper pull, key fob, lanyard, etc. making. Since my beads were fish, I used snap swivels that are found wherever fishing supplies are sold, just to keep in the theme.

1. Choose a head pin with a flat head or one with a fancier head. Arrange the beads on head pin.

2. I use a small round nosed pliers to put a bend in
the pin at the end of the beads. This is the start of the loop.

3. Push the free end of the head pin completely
around the end of the round nose pliers jaw.

4. Before you snip, attach the head pin loop to the loop of your clip. Snip off the free end of the head pin where it crosses itself. Using you pliers, push the cut end of the loop in line with the rest of the pin and make sure that it is nice and close so it won't slip off your fastener.

My catch was pretty good over the weekend.
I got a stringer full!
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