Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Exploring New Bead Pattern

Last week I played with the idea of spiky beads. The resulting beads reminding me of the intricate larval forms of sea critters, like starfish, that float around as plankton. Because the beads were so starlike, I called them Interstellar Plankton. I listed them in my etsy shop and got three requests for them--I've never had that kind of interest in any of my beads before. It was wonderful!!

Playing with different color combinations, I came up some that I really like and so they will be turning up in my etsy shop shortly.

I had a fun afternoon talking about wool and introducing needle felting to the PACT Homeschool group. Lots of enthusiasm there and lots of pretty felted flowers and things were made.

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  1. Lisa,

    Great blogspot, and thank you again for a terrific needle felting workshop this afternoon! Was great to see you and to get addicted to a new hobby. We're going to start saving our pennies for felting needles. :)