Tuesday, June 7, 2011


These long white bones covered in little flowers bring to my mind the Mexican Day of the Dead festivities. It's a strange combination of birth and blooming and death and mortality. The grungy antique look of the silver plum glass bone and heart is attractive, too. All of these bead are now in The Bead You Need etsy shop.

My little babysitting ward turned two today! My previous nanny charge was named Henry. Since one of my son's was already a Henry, we referred to the baby Henry as "Baby H". He was about 4 yrs old when he pointed out that he wasn't a baby any longer and that the nickname "Baby H" was embarrassing, if not downright insulting. Up to this point i have referred to my current ward as "Pip", which seemed cute when he was a baby. But since he's getting to be a big boy now, i'm going to have to give him a different pet name. I'm leaning towards "J.D." (stands for John Deere) since he's a serious tractor enthusiast).

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