Saturday, June 18, 2011

Road Trip Posting 1

It was a very pleasant and uneventful trip from New Mexico to Winnipeg, Canada, a few days ago. I usually have a needlework project or something to do while my husband logs 24 hrs behind the wheel. I folded flowers this time. I believe it is called kusudama.

I nodded off one morning and came to with about two miles of flooded hiway in front of us, complete with whitecaps. The water was about 3 inches deep right across the 2-lane road. They were letting trucks through and warning cars to detour. Since i was sleeping, my husband made the unilateral decision that our vehicle wasn't a car--it was a minivan... :-) We made the crossing without problems.

The old house looks great, and compared to our New Mexico home, everything is deliciously moist and verdant here. Mom's gardens look great, and we're enjoying rhubarb pies and rhubarb crisps! The mosquitoes haven't come out in their expected swarms, yet. My mom and dad took us to Lower Fort Garry to learn about life here in 1850's. Mostly my kids (teenaged boys) acted bored, but the Fort interpreters are really amazing: they dress and speak like they are right in the 1850's, living life in a Red River trading post.

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