Thursday, June 2, 2011


Misc. blog subjects continue. With the kids out of school and husband off from his teaching job my time is not being used at the torch, and i can't seem to get a new routine going. Too many distractions.

My family is dealing with flooding up north, and we've been dealing with drought in the south. But for the third evening in a row it is raining tonight, and you can almost hear the land sighing with relief. And best of all, my roof repair seems to have worked! The other night it started out with a little light hail, and while me and the kid were standing at the back door in awe of precipitation, this single big hail ball came flying across the yard and stopped at his feet.

The guys drove out to Lake Meridith last week to collect a particular kind of beetles that can be found on the shores of certain lakes. The top photo is a picture looking down the boat ramp. Lake Meridith is a large reservoir north of Amarillo, and is the source of that city's water. The water level has been dropping for the past several years. But it looks like a nice spot for a picnic. There was water in other areas of the lake, and specimens of the desired beetles were taken.

The goats are in the back yard of a house here in town. I love those thick, knobby legs. Lots of homes also have flocks of chickens that free range down the alleys or into the playgrounds. One home has what sounds like many roosters behind a high fence. I'm pretty sure it is a cock fighting production.

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  1. We live two hours north of Amarillo. I was doing research on the sun scorpion when I came across your pictures. I found the first one I ever seen in my classroom. I had to show my children. We have built a habitat for it because they love watching critters and hopefully it will become a pet for the biology department at the nearby university. I enjoying the summer break with my young-uns. When you mentioned Lake Meredith I was curious about your location. I enjoyed reading your blog a look forward to more.