Wednesday, September 22, 2010

'Ween Beads Wednesday

That's 'ween, as in Halloween. I had to make it start with a W to go nicely with "Wednesday". Ahem.

I'm continuing to do my little bit to help support other etsy glass bead makers today, by bringing you Canterbury Keepsakes.

I have never seen such realistically rendered gourd beads. These are fantastic, warts and all! My pre-lampwork hobby was gourd growing and carving, and these beads bring back fond memories.

And the whimsical "Halloween Treats" collection, with the witch hat, halfmoon beads, and spider, are so fun, and have great attention to detail. It looks like a couple of little pumpkins on that witch hat-- how original.

I hope everyone's autumn-themed bead sales are starting to take off. This is the first year i've made seasonal beads, so i'm curious to see if it affects my business. It has been fun to try to come up with something original with the Halloween theme, and i think i've done that with the O'Lantern boys' Personal Ads, but making the beads is one thing, and marketing is a whole other thing.

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