Monday, September 6, 2010

My Lame Lesson

I was complaining to a friend the other day about how long it takes for me to make some beads but how difficult i find it to reflect that in my pricing. He then asked if anything ever goes wrong near the end of a 30-minute bead, rendering it a lost cause and me PO'd. Oh yeah, it does. Case in point, this sock monkey-on-a-bead from this morning.

I've actually had a pretty good run of luck with my time-sucking beads. The pumpkin guys haven't all been perfect, but even the ones that i consider inferior are going to get used by me as zipper pulls, bag hangs, etc. But the transparent medium amethyst i used in the base bead of the sock monkey didn't feel like maintaining its composure while i fiddled with the eye dots. (My third sm-on-bead, and the worst, so i'm not exactly heartbroken about it being a useless bead after all that work.)

The lesson i took away from this exercise was that some glass colors are more patient than others. This amethyst was just one of those brittle, prickly, irritable glasses, that's all. But i already knew that, and i'll never get that 25 minutes back.

Check out this spider. I'm an arachnophobe so that ain't MY hand. It's my 17 yr old's hand, so those aren't little kid fingers. That's a big orb weaver...

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