Tuesday, September 14, 2010


My line of handmade glass birthstone bone bead dog collar charms is finally available again, under the new name of GemBonz. I have all twelve birthstone months listed in my etsy shop. My original charms, the BirthBones, sold for $10 with free shipping. The new GemBonz price is now $8, but i charge my low shipping rate. Other items in the same order ship for free, so i figure it averages out to a small savings for the buyer.

GemBonz beads are also a little larger than the BirthBones were. And the Super Size version, which makes optimal zipper pulls, or charms on large dogs, will be listed some time during the week, i hope. And one more difference i've made to the GemBonz is silver bead on the bottom, whereas the BirthBones had a swarovski crystal. The plain silver bead looks much cleaner and simpler.

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  1. That bead is very cute! Great idea for a birthstone bead. I host a link party for Etsy shops on my blog on Tuesdays, and would love to have you link up your shop.