Friday, June 5, 2009

Vivid Camping Experience

Everything about our little camping trip this week was "vivid". It was a wonderful break and my husband, three boys, the dog, and myself really enjoyed it.

Cacti and wildflowers were blooming in abundance. The brick red soil contrasted vividly with the lush green flush of spring foliage. The cottonwoods were fluffing on the breeze. We had a refreshing downpour followed by a vivid rainbow. The sun was hot, the scents of sagebrush and mesquite was heady, and the evening air was as sweet as could be. We enjoyed scenic hiking trails, the boys climbed cliffs and followed a meandering stream and got as dirty as they used to when we camped with them as little children. My only complaint is that they seem to make the ground harder every year. We're going to have to start packing an air mattress on camping trips, for us oldies.

My next series of blog entries will be devoted to vivid color combos that i've found in the etsy bead shops. Please stayed tuned for some spiritlifting.

1 comment:

  1. Lisa, wow, these photos make me miss the canyon (though not the thunderstorms!!!) Thanks for posting them!