Tuesday, June 16, 2009


If you appreciate photography/ like to accessorize/ are looking for a really unique and affordable gift for someone, I strongly recommend that you visit mmsomewhere's etsy shop: Photo/Wallets. The artist/proprietor offers her very good art photography in the form of fully functional wallets. (Click on images to go directly to her shop.)

"approximate wallet size = 8"x3.5" (standard size)
graphics printed on double sided premium photo paper.
(paper will crease)
graphic is sandwiched between clear vinyl. sewn."

Walking through her shop is like spending time in an art gallery. She travels a fair bit so the subjects of her photos often have a subtle exoticness. There is a dead goldfish wallet that I'm quite fond of. The wallets with images of bikes leaning against walls have classic appeal. But i think it is her montage type images of architecture and urban subjects with their vivid clolors and intriguing compositions that i would most like to pull out of my purse when i'm buying a gallon of milk down at the corner store.

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