Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Twisty Bones

I almost hate to show any of my beads after putting up pictures of such beautiful beads by other people. But what the hey. I made these bone beads with leftover twisties that were just sitting around my work area. Some of these twisties have probably been laying around on my work area for a couple of years... Some day I'll show you my work area. LOL I've never seen a picture of a lampwork bench like mine. Every, and i mean EVERY, picture I've seenof other lampworkers' spaces has looked like some ultra chique designer loft or something. You just know they have climate control, state of the art ventilation, track lighting, padded adjustable chair, ergonomically correct torch angle, and their glass is all filed in labeled cubby holes... Even if I spent days cleaning up my work area and repainted it it wouldn't look anything near as moderne and arty as these lovely studios. So, suffice it to say, I have lots of leftover glass bits laying around my torch begging to be melted, so I made some bones.

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