Monday, September 19, 2011


My only bead eye candy today is one of the listings i made with some assorted "soft glow" beads that i had accumulated as leftovers from previously made sets. I think the gentle colors of these beads really lend themselves well to combinations. I made three such sets and am selling them for less than my usual custom ordered bead rate since you have no say in the colors or sizes in these selections.

I have been spending the evenings metal detecting with one of my sons, and so even though i have made a few beads in the last week, i haven't gotten around to photographing any of them. Treasure hunting is so much fun... you never know what you're going to find when you get a signal. We have found quite a few coins, the best being a silver one worth $15 on ebay. A bracelet made of sterling silver beads was a cool find also. For personal fun we also liked finding the face of a Thomas the Tank Engine toy, and a metal toy school bus circa 1950's.

And tonight while we were detecting we found a New Mexico blind snake (not my photo). Six or seven inches long, silvery pink, vestigial eyes and a blunt tail. They aren't normally found above ground so we felt incredibly privileged to see this, our second, individual of this secretive species.

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