Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Tab Beads

Well, not so new since i made the same kind several years ago, but these are hot off the torch and are going to be made into a bracelet for a friend of my mother. Don't you just love the blue/green!? I call this style faux dichro, because it looks quite a bit like dichroic glass (only cheaper, shhhh). Ya'll feel free to contact me if you need a set of these for your own selves now... :-D

In other doings, i have been making posy tortoises again, and more hearts, also. I remember when i struggled so badly trying to make glass heart beads. I do believe, i've got it down now. :-) See new hearts and turtles in my etsy shop now.

My sales on etsy continue to be achingly slow. The improvements etsy has made to the search options seems to have been the cause. I have revamped all of my titles and tags, to optimize this change as far as i can determine, and i swear i'm having fewer views, and fewer sales. The folks at etsy say it is better that folks can search more relevantly. And they argue that you don't need someone in your shop who didn't ask to be there. I say that has meant fewer people stumbling upon my beads. If you don't know what you're missing, how can you buy it? If you have ever used etsy, you know that the coolest stuff, is the stuff you happen upon by accident. It is part of the greatness of a site like etsy that brings so many diversely talented folks, and their diverse wares, together in one place. Perhaps it is time to try ebay again.

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