Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Good Wildlife Week

And a nice trio of fern motif beads for a customer.

It might be the time of year, but whatever the reason, we've had some really nice wildlife moments lately. This gorgeous big bird is hanging out in our back yard. It is a redtailed hawk and he's probably using our trees as a perch to spot prey in the agricultural fields beyond our fence. We had been moving very slowly and quietly around him for the last few days in order not to scare him off. Well, he was sitting on the fence in the heat this afternoon, hence the spread wings, i think, and we just walked right up to him and our gesticulations and speech didn't seem to phase him in the least. He watched everything, and when those eyes turn on you, boy is it scary.

At dusk a few days ago we saw a great horned owl, and at dusk this eve we saw a grey fox. We poured water down a hole and found a green cicada larva (we put him back), and under a rock this gaudy centipede.

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