Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Sky is Falling, and Tons of SALE Beads

I was trying to take photos of beads for the shop this weekend, but the wind was tearing across these high plains at such a clip that grit from Arizona or Mexico was dropping onto my outdoor bead photography set-up faster than i could sweep it away. You can't sell beads on a dirty background like in the first pic (unused)!

My family has never said anything, but my beads and lampworking equipment often takes over the kitchen counters and table for hours/days before i reorganize and push it all back again. Bless 'em. Today i made several etsy shop listings to try to get rid of some of the beads that i have no plans for, and which have been hanging around for far too long. I made a SALE section in the shop, and i've listed 13 assortments of beads for dirt cheap, including these neato yellow and green ones. I like the beads, but the majority aren't in sets, and are of differing sizes, etc. Maybe someone out there will find just what they're looking for and put them to some use.

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