Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dove Grey

The bird was in my son's hand under the flourescent lights of the kitchen, so my original photo had an icky green tinge. My solution was turning it into a black and white photograph. I take tonnes of photos. The vast majority of them are of beads for my etsy shop listings, and so i am constantly obsessing over the colors in my photos, since they have to be as true to the original beads as possible. Thinking of photography in terms of black and white would sure be a challenge for me. I'm up for that challenge. I'm going to carry my camera around for a few days and see if i can compose for black and white, posting what i feel is my best and worst here.

New beads to list tomorrow, and i'm hoping for sun for photography's sake. There are trees burning somewhere to the southwest of us and the sky is full of smoke this evening.

A recent "Etsy Success" mailing was about finding a niche for your craft business. One of the great things about how etsy has grown is that there are enough shoppers patronizing the website that crafters can have a successful business by filling a pretty narrow niche. It's got me thinking about my bone beads. Customers that buy them almost always buy several, and/or put in custom orders, and/or return to buy more. I really like to make bone beads. The shape is such a pleasing--nice to have a relatively long, thin piece of glass as a bead. It's a nice change from your typical round bead. I think i'll make bones for the next couple of days and stock the shop with an abundance of bones.

But i procrastinate so much. About half a year ago i decided to turn the GemBonz line into human jewelry and bury the "dog collar charm" aspect. I have yet to do that, so i haven't been promoting the GemBonz at all. That ain't no way to run a business.

Always something to tweak, though, and that's what's fun about it.

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