Saturday, January 29, 2011

Where's the Cat Drain?

Stinky we hardly ever see, but then he'll come inside and get a couple of days of loving and spoiling, and then take off again. And there is a tom we haven't even named. He just sneaks in the cat door to scarf down kibble when he thinks no humans are around, and if he hears a sound he's gone like a shot. The last kitty we took in is a real sweetie. He was sick last week and had us wondering if there was such a thing as feline polio. We feared he would never chase a laser dot again. But antibiotics have pulled him through.

I love them all, but sometimes i think longingly of this handy gauge we saw labeled on an aircraft carrier, and how much simpler (and less hairy) things would be... if i could just find the "cat drain" lever or button.

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