Friday, November 5, 2010

Braided Tree

Check out this nice little tree. It is a green walnut that we had to chop down because it was dropping big dead branches onto the neighbour's truck. A number of suckers emerged from the stump and i braided three of them. This was maybe three or four years ago now. It's a perfectly shaped little tree right now, but i hope i'm around when it is twice as big so that i can see how this trunk turns out.

I'm quite pleased with the popularity of the minty Frosty snowman beads and zipper pulls, but i've run out of white glass. The shipment should come in on Tuesday, so in the meantime i'm trying to come up with some other, non-white, seasonal beads. I like Rudolph, but it took me too long to make--i don't seem to have the patience for half-hour beads.

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