Tuesday, November 2, 2010

alphabet book

I love the idea of making books. I do enjoy writing, but managing images seems easier and more pleasurable somehow. I've illustrated a kids book and made a bead calendar, and now i'm making an alphabet book.

It is expressly for my two preschool nieces in Canada. All of the letter images are my photos. That's been neat because i look at my collection of isolated letters and know exactly which local signs they came from. Today i'm trying to get all of the photos of the words that my letters represent. Since the nieces are in Canada, and we are down here in the southwestern states, i'm trying to use images that reflect how and where we live. It's meant to be quite personal, so for instance "S" will be a photo of their cousin Henry on his skateboard, since that is his passion. And "D" will be a photo of our dog. It's a lot of work, but the final product should be pretty darn cool.

I'm using shutterfly.com, a site i've used before and been very happy with the results. Hint: if you sign up with them, they will soon try to entice you to make a book project by offering you nice discounts. :-)

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