Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Banana" Cozy

Etsy seller handamade offers this neat item: a sweater for a banana. It could help keep your lunch banana from being bumped around too much by your tomato sandwich. I like how the color pattern wouldn't confuse you, too. Even if it feels different, you still know by color which item in your lunch bag is the banana.

Women in bitter cold regions of Canada (aka Winnipeg) knit a similar item. It is a little sweater sleeve to give as a gag gift to men so that they can keep their "bananas" from becoming frost bitten. With teens in the house i have the search preferences on google images set to filter out the suggestive material, so this is the best image i could come up with for a photo of a wiener sweater. lol Cute model. Do you think he minded being photographed in that ensemble?

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