Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Autumn Ornamental Gourds Harvest

I'm harvesting the lovely ornamental gourds today. The leaves on the vines are getting that death spore look to them, all powdery and grey. It's the stage before the leaves dry up and start to disintegrate, making a mess in the process. So i'm getting rid of the vines now while it can just be pulled out, more or less neatly, and piled into the wheel barrow to be taken out back to the compost pile.

When these plants came up last spring, i thought they were my hard shelled gourds, but no. They had yellow flowers rather than white, and the vines grew faster and hardier. But this is a nice autumn display, and i don't do anything with the hardshells anymore, so the ornamentals are good this year.

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