Friday, January 20, 2012

Pleasing Color Combos Made Simple

Color choices are very personal. And it is one of the questions that someone could possibly ask me that i would have an immediate answer for. Bluegreen. If i'm at the mall and i pass a sale rack of tops, i look for the bluegreen. They may have one, but it's never MY version of bluegreen.

Combining colors that work well together is a science. You don't need to know the scientific details in order to find a certain color combination pleasing. But if you are putting your own colors together, sometimes it's nice to have a guide. You've got your monochromatic schemes, your compliments, your analogs, your triads, your tetrads, and your accented analogs.

When i'm making my lampwork beads i have something like 70 different colors within reach. Although i have come up with some bad combos, my recent bone beads listings use some really nice, scientifically proven, color combinations that work. Sometimes i like to use a free interactive online color schemer like Color Scheme Designer 3. On this website, you can select an initial color, and then it will let you see what various colors will make for pleasing combinations with it. Fun to play with.

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