Thursday, March 10, 2011

Perky New Card of Business

On a whim last night i took some time to design a new business card. The basic card design i started out with was very simple, kind of fresh and clean and new. It had a plain white background and just a few colored balls on one end that could look almost beadlike if you were inclined to see them that way. It had my name and status ("glass bead maker"), and my etsy shop address, and that was it.

And then i pretty much went the opposite way and ended up with this ornate, old fashioned style of thing. It was past my bedtime, and so i called it a day and ordered 250.

As i look at it this morning i'm shaking my head. iI'm wishing i had stayed up just a little bit later, since the next logical step would have been to go with a design somewhere between the two extremes... But i used VistaPrint, so all i paid for these cards was the five and a half bucks for shipping. And since the whole point of having business cards is to give them away, well i feel right now like i won't be able to get rid of these ones fast enough!

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