Monday, April 6, 2009

Best Wishes for Farrah

You may have noticed that I use a photo of Ms Fawcett to represent myself in the profile corner... I don't think she would mind, if she knew... It's just that I have no pictures of myself that I care to share. And everyone likes attractive people. And when I was younger, I was compared to Farrah once or twice... Or maybe they were talking to someone else... In any case, Col. Austen and I are thinking of her today.

Yesterday while playing at the torch, I came up with a couple of bead designs that I planned to spend today making sets out of. But I ended up being busy dealing with some really nice orders that came in, and didn't get the new beads made. So no eye candy today. Oh, how's about I put up a picture of this funky fish bead that lasted all of 5 minutes in the shop before someone caught it!

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